What Is Depression? – Its Causes And Its Treatments

Depression is a mental condition in which a person feels sad and discontented over a long period of time. It has become more common in this part of the world. In fact, it is so common in the US that the risk of someone becoming depressed in a lifetime is as high as 17%.

Depression is serious mental condition and it has to be dealt with equal seriousness. Because of the social stigma surrounding depression, many people refrain from taking a professional help. One should not get swayed by this kind of social stigma and should visit a reputed place for psychotherapy in San Francisco.

Following are the common signs and symptoms of depression:

  • Persistent tiredness and loss of energy
  • Feeling sad the whole day
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • Not being able to find pleasure or interest in anything
  • Avoiding contact with people and even friends
  • Sleeping for longer time than usual
  • Strong feeling of guilt and worthlessness
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Feeling anxious all the time

If you feel any four of the above symptoms for the most part of the day and if you are feeling this for more than two weeks, you should definitely visit a psychotherapist.

Causes of Depression

Sometimes radical life changes, such as separation, divorce, death of a very close person, being sacked from a job, financial instability, relocation, domestic violence, postpartum depression or decline in health can lead to depression.

Someone who has a family history of depression is susceptible to inherit depression.


There are a number of treatments available for depression, they are:

Group Therapy

It is a form of psychotherapy in which therapists treat a group of people with the similar psychological condition. This is helpful for people experiencing various psychological conditions from depression to addiction and abuse.

One-on-one Psychotherapy

This is more intensive form of psychotherapy in which the therapist analysis their patient and encourages them to openly talk about the problems they are facing. A therapist focuses on how your past experiences are affecting your present.

They not only help you identify the problems but helps you fix them too. A therapist will help you improve your self-confidence which will help you fight adverse conditions in the future too. After attending this therapy, a person feels more calm and clearer towards his/her goals in life.

A good therapist also provides life coaching services. They will guide you in improving your relationship, choosing a career and setting goals in your life. They also help you in determining priorities and in making right choices in your life.


Taking medicines should not be your first choice. There are various medicines available for treating depression. It is important to take the medicines for the length of time it is prescribed. If you stop taking your medicines just because you are feeling better now, there is a risk of a relapse and the depression might occur again. A medicinal treatment usually takes six to nine months.

You must know that the depression needs treatment and these treatments stated above are proved to be successful in treating depression. There’s no reason to feel bad about taking help, you should take it if you are experiencing the above symptoms.

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