Intuitive Coaching

Kathy Goodwin

What is your inner wisdom saying? How do you make decisions that create a rich, inspired life? Kathy helps you answer these questions and trust your intuition with ease and confidence.

Kathy powerfully integrates the intuitive and pragmatic. From gaining insights, and letting go of ways that no longer serve you, to envisioning new possibilities and creating plans that are emotionally and strategically sustainable, she nurtures and guides clients towards the changes they desire.

Kathy works with clients by phone and Skype.

What Clients Have to Say About Kathy:

“She has a beautiful and sharp intuition that hones in on specific feelings that had been very difficult for even me to articulate to myself. I leave the sessions feeling positive, confident, and excited to walk my path. I would highly recommend Kathy’s services to anyone.”

“I decided to have coaching with Kathy because I was anxious and in a new environment which often caused me to feel out of place. I needed help relaxing and feeling more at home. What struck me about our time together was that Kathy made me feel like we’d known each other for a long time and that she was deeply curious about who I was and what made me tick. This was a genuine concern she had for my wellbeing. It’s a rare thing to experience.”

“My sessions with Kathy were deeply grounding and powerfully reassuring. She is very loving and accepting and that’s a great support in life. Kathy is a powerful counselor. Through my work with her I changed a major life pattern. After our sessions and her ongoing support, I was able to show up in the world simply as myself and know that that’s what the world needed – exactly and perfectly.”

“Kathy gave me a sense of calmness and peace which was very reassuring and comforting.”