Ignite Your Strengths

Meike Hennon

Are you feeling frustrated, unmotivated and deflated in your current role? Meike is the coach who will remind you how powerful you are. A Strengths Finder expert, Meike identifies which strengths you have at your disposal, and then helps you strategize how to choose a career path that is the right fit for your strongest talents. Utilizing a wealth of positive psychology tools, Meike will help you learn to leverage your strengths to achieve goals that once seemed out of reach.

Find out just how powerful you really are and build the life you want. Meike does her work with clients through Skype or Zoom.

Shannon Philip, MS

Are you feeling unsuccessful, not sure of what you have to offer or what truly motivates you? Shannon helps you to tap into your strengths, your sources of greatest potential, to give you a clear direction in your work and life.  Working with Shannon you will learn how to make empowered decisions about how you spend your time and how to contribute at your highest level. Based in our Los Angeles location.