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4 Steps To Get The Mindset Of The Top 5 Percent

We are all guilty of it—wondering why not me? Our coaching professionals have come up with four habits the prosperous exemplify. Below are a few things that top earners do—and equally as importantly—what they do not do. 1. Pick Up A Self-Improvement Book Warren Buffett, the third richest man on the globe, has a goal […]

How to be More Organized

One of the areas that you can work on with one of our life coaches or career coaches is your organizational structure. You want to be more organized, but you don’t know where to start. You may even think you’re stuck in a chaotic rut, and you’ll never be the type of person you want […]

Seven Signs You’re Experiencing Job Burn Out

We’ve all been there. You get a job that you really wanted, and you put everything you have into it. You work late. You obsess over every little detail. You volunteer for projects you don’t really have time to do. You want everything to be perfect. You want to make a difference. But what happens […]

Top 3 Ways Your Career Coach Will Make You a Better Person

Having a career coach is like having a confidante, an advisor, and your own personal and professional growth mentor rolled into one. A person on your side with years of experience helping people improve their career and become a better person. Our career coaches at Ignite Your Potential have helped hundreds of people activate their […]

The Top 3 Keys to Your Self Care Tool Kit

Self-Care is often difficult for highly career focused people. Without it, fatigue and burnout are inevitable. The tendency to overextend without prioritizing self-care practices is an easy, but dangerous, pattern to develop. Work demands seem urgent, and are even framed as such by others, so it can be counterintuitive to pause and take a look […]

Level Up Your Note Taking: Make the Next Meeting Matter

First Things First You likely spend time in meetings, and maybe some of you, a majority of your work life is within meetings. We’ve all experienced the draining, demoralizing feeling when a meeting is not productive. So before we begin to discuss best practices in note taking for said meetings, I want to turn you on […]

4 Ways Executive Coaching Can Take You to the Top

Executive coaching goes beyond making you a great executive. Executive coaching- whether you are an executive or are aspiring to be- can help you achieve your goals from the inside-out. Coaches prompt you to look inward and discover your true character, explore your daily habits, brainstorm small milestones, and overall inspire and motivate you to […]