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Are you ready for a change? A change in your career and your future? Whether you are recently graduated, a seasoned executive or stuck where you are, we are here to help you on your journey. Our one on one career coach services in LA are here to help you as you review your path.

We guide you on how to navigate career transitions, move up the leadership ladder and plan your long term career goals. Develop your leadership skills and gain valuable insight on how to improve your executive presence so you can achieve your full potential and goals. Contact our Career Coach LA Center today!

We Identify And Assist With…

  • Frustration, burnout, fatigue
  • Being ‘in a rut’
  • Lack of clarity on how to make a change or how to comply with a recent work review
  • Communicating your job description or getting your resume together after your company goes through a reorganization or acquisition
  • What needs to be done next after you’ve sold a company and are unsure of next steps
  • Career pivot readiness and project management
Our Clients' UNPARALLELED GROWTH is our Goal
OUR COACHING CENTER HAS successfully worked with clients from the following companies and more:

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to accomplish?

Our Clients are Lawyers Surgeons NASA scientists Product Managers Marketing Professionals Educators C-Suite Consultants Accountants Sales Professionals Recent Grads Executives Creatives Engineers HR Professionals Communication Experts MIT scientists in Tech and in other fields across a wide range of industries

At Ignite Your Potential, we are more than career coaches, we are your advocates… your quiet cheerleaders… and will hold your vision at times when you feel shaken. With graduate degrees in psychology and backgrounds in coaching and psychotherapy, our coaching center is skilled at seeing and understanding you and your circumstances.

We explore and strategize together, process and come up with creative ideas so that in the end you’ve changed, your circumstances are different, and you’ve arrived where you want to be.

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Take control of your career path with our career coach LA professionals in California. Position yourself for advancement and a more fulfilled career.

Career Advancement

Get your best foot forward and earn promotions quickly with guidance from our Santa Monica Career Coaches.

Career Planning

Our Santa Monica Career Coaches can help you get the proper foothold with career planning. Figure out the right career goals for your path to success.

Career Transition

Need help with switching jobs, changing fields or transitioning to an entirely different field? Our career coaches can help you with everything from resume writing to coaching.

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