How do you create your wonderful life?

I often see people compromising before they even get started. It's…

How Are You Living?

If you know a smart chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, fitness…
feeling off

What Can You Do When You're Just Feeling... Off?

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Your Journey To Happiness

Just follow the above image.
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Broken Resolution? Try Something New for 30 Days

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Being With Your Experience: The How and Why of Mindfulness

When I first began to notice the phenomena, I was working at…
What Are You Thinking? Stop thinking. Mindfulness Practice. Repetitive Thoughts. CBT Cognitive Behavior Therapy

What's Occupying Your Mind? Take a Break Now and Then…Here’s How

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take a deep breath and forgive those individuals or circumstances that aren't meeting your expectations

Wake Up to What's Trivial and Let It Go

We've all heard this before in different forms...about letting…

Send Your Future Self an Email

Did you know that there's a website where you can send your future…

What If This Were Your Last Day? Then Would You Live in the Moment?

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