Meet Meike!

Meike Hennon is a Personal Development and Career Coach Career Coach based out of our LA office. She’s available by phone, Zoom, Skype, or in person at the Ignite Your Potential center. She offers complimentary 25-minute appointments.

la career coach

“My role as a coach is to help clients strengthen their self-confidence and develop an understanding of their “personal operating system” in order to create their ideal life path.”

Armed with my natural strengths to positively push and energetically inspire, I help clients investigate where they have been, and most importantly, connect to where they want to go, so they achieve their intentional goals. 

My process is personalized and results-driven, accompanied by a collaborative spirit, and strengths-based. My clients are consistently successful and report feeling connected to and empowered as they move clearly forward towards the job and life they want. 

Find out just how powerful you really are and build the life you want.

Are you feeling frustrated, unmotivated and deflated in your current role? Meike is the coach who will remind you how powerful you are. A StrengthsFinder expert, Meike identifies which strengths you have at your disposal, and then helps you strategize how to choose a career path that is the right fit for your strongest talents. Utilizing a wealth of positive psychology tools, Meike will help you learn to leverage your strengths to achieve goals that once seemed out of reach.

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit. Schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation, today!