From those who have honored us with testimonials…

After working with a number of coaches personally and professionally, I can say with confidence that Colleen Campbell is the most talented, results-inspiring coach with whom I have worked. Unlike many coaches, Colleen has put forward significant effort in attaining a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology which has honed her already sharp ability to read people and their needs and has given her the professional skills and knowledge to be extremely effective in helping her clients get what they want out of their lives.  In working with her myself, I am consistently astounded by her ability to get to the source of problems and to help me facilitate an internal process that allows me to grow and change my life.  If you know you could be living your life in a more vital way but don’t know how, I’d suggest you give Colleen a call.

My session with Colleen was fantastic. I thought that Colleen asked the right questions and guided me correctly to find my own answers and inspiration. As a result of these newly found answers and inspiration, I was able to implement specific, necessary changes in my life. These changes have proved to be extremely beneficial and my coaching session with Colleen was the catalyst for such change. I have been coached around this issue before but not until my session with Colleen did I actually create the necessary strategy and inspiration for such a transformation to take place and for that I am grateful.

Meeting with Meike and learning more about my strengths and how they influence each other has been one of the most positive and encouraging learnings I have had in my life. I found that the coaching was easy to follow and easy to apply in my life. I found the action items easy to follow and not too overwehlming that I would not be able to make progress towards my career goals. I look forward to continued coaching sessions to grow and develop my strengths more. I have found these coaching sessions to be one of the most positive factors in deciding to pursue my desired career change.

Well. I fancy myself as someone who operates from a more wholistic perspective  .. Mind body spirit .. Recently I was going thru a pretty rough patch. An emotional limbic situation where I found myself with no ground underneath. My first thought was oh shit … My second was maybe I should call Colleen. She listened. And listened and listened some more. Weighing all sides of my situation from all the perspectives I come from. I had confidence in her clinical knowledge but also took comfort in her intution and ability to meet me exactly where I was at.  Her input was a mixture of stuff I knew … Stuff I didn’t know and stuff I didn’t even know I didn’t know … I found ground. And left with tangible steps I could take to take control back for myself.  She’s cares. She’s really smart and apparently not only read every line of those 10,000 books in her study but seems to have read between the lines as well.

Linda provided a light at the end of a very dark tunnel for me.  Without Linda’s career counseling and coaching, I truly believe I would either be still unemployed or at a job that I dread going to.  I noticed a dramatic change in my confidence levels after meeting with Linda and each session opened up new doors for me to investigate.  I cannot say enough positive things about Linda because I truly believe she changed my outlook and attitude toward career transition and overall well-being. Linda was the motivator when I needed motivation, a counselor when I needed counseling, and provided the guidance and knowledge I needed to ace the interviews and get my dream job.

The strength of Linda Lesem’s work emanates from her natural inclination to listen and her uncanny ability to hear what is not being said.  This gift, along with an impressive set of skills, makes her a profoundly empathetic counselor and a highly motivational coach. Linda is a midwife for the transformations that occur in the lives of her clients.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Linda, you have been most generous with your time, and you have truly helped me move forward with my career plans. I think this is one of the best investments I’ve made in a long, long time, and I wish I’d decided to do it earlier.

I worked with Meike Hennon to get some coaching related to the results of my Gallup Strengths Finder assessment. She was really great to work with and I got a lot out of it. She really offered a lot of perspective in helping me best understand my strengths, how to capitalize on them, and even how I can best be managed by my employer in light of them. I was impressed by how pleasant she was able to make the process, even when it involved helping me understand the drawbacks of some of my strengths. Overall, she is very talented as a coach and a lot of fun to work with. I got a lot of insight and motivation from her.

I’ve spent the past 3 months working with Dr. Campbell. She was a tremendous help as I worked through a relocation to SF and a career change/re-assessment.

She helped me to identify and better articulate my skills and strengths. This was enormously useful in writing cover letters and during job interviews.

She also helped me clearly define what I wanted from my career. By doing so I felt more focused going into job interviews. It also meant I was very comfortable accepting an offer with an organization in a role that I know will be a great fit.

She is a great listener with extensive training and tools, which she used to guide me through this process. I’m extremely grateful for her help. She helped me embrace my strengths and find my confidence again.

Dr. Campbell was there when I really needed some direction. I was dissatisfied with my achievement in life, frustrated with the lack of progress I was making and slowly giving up hope and becoming a person I didn’t like. She listened to my issues and concerns and helped put things in perspective, give me alternatives and show me paths to achieving my goals where I saw only brick walls.

I am grateful for her for having the patience, heart and know how to take what I thought was a hopeless cause and showing me that success in life was still in my reach.

Dr. Campbell is an excellent career coach-she really helps you look at the many ways to approach a work challenge or opportunity. She combines knowledge and insights of your individual personality and helps you apply these theories to the day-to-day
functions of your business. I feel so much more energized and focused after meetings with her.

My situation was unique when I started working with Dr. Campbell. I had been out of college for the better part of a decade and found myself unable to thrive and find happiness in the roles that I had held, however I really had no idea which direction to go in. Dr. Campbell guided me in an exploration of myself to find new directions to research. Her methods included using the Myers Briggs among many other personality evaluations to discover where my interests lie, in addition to taking great care in understanding me and my history, personal and professional, and providing well thought-out insights and advice.

After a few sessions we did find and new direction for me to pursue, and I find myself today in a new industry and role where I am challenged, developing daily, and above all else happy. Her insightful guidance and devotion to my overall professional & personal success were essential in helping me reach this point. I would highly recommend Dr. Campbell for career and life coaching, regardless of your situation, as she can recognize that each individual requires a different approach. I think of our time as a fantastic investment for my future.

Linda Lesem is warm, insightful and encouraging. After reading her bio, I knew she would be the perfect match for me in my quest to return to paid work. She created the Moms in Transition workshop and she comes from a counseling background. As a full time mom for over 10 years re-entering the workforce, I was seeking personal fulfillment and purpose in my work. Just the few sessions we had gave me enough guidance, direction and courage to start a new career path. In addition, the resume workshop Linda conducted was very helpful. After a year of study, hard work and focus, I now have the job of my dreams. I wholeheartedly recommend Linda for her excellent career counseling and support.

I highly recommend Linda Lesem to anyone in a career or life transition.

Linda helped me navigate through a painful time in my life, when I was dealing with family health issues and the recent loss of a part-time job I had really loved. After ten years of being a mostly stay-at-home mom, I had no idea who I was, what I liked, or what I could offer the world.

Through Linda’s Moms in Transition class and my one-to-one sessions with her, I helped reconnect with the confident and life-loving I had once been. Her Moms in Transition class led me through pragmatic exercises to identify my personality, skills and values so that I could move my career and my life in a direction that felt right and appropriate for me. In our one-to-one sessions, she asked the right questions and listened to my answers, which helped me recognize the ways I sabotaged my success. Linda is extremely nurturing, supportive…and, equally important, honest. Thanks to the insights I gained from my work from her, I was able to gather the courage to publish my first feature article in a local magazine, which has led to other opportunities.

Dr. Colleen Campbell is that rare life coach whose work is grounded by an advanced degree, elevated by spiritual practice and guided by practical experience. She will appeal, for these reasons, to both those who are right brained and those who are left brained.

When I speak with Dr. Campbell, I know that she is listening deeply and that her responses are thoughtful and trustworthy. She provides insights, affirmations and new ways to look at things I hadn’t considered.

Working with a life coach is great way to stay on track or move ahead.

I highly recommend you sign up for Dr. Campbell’s complimentary session — you will see for yourself how her unique blend of life coaching and counseling inspires and motivates you to live to your potential.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Campbell on two separate occasions.

Our first time working together, Dr. Campbell provided me with an in-depth Myers-Briggs analysis. She walked me through questions and provided me with great insight into my personal relationship and working style. The service didn’t stop there. Dr. Campbell’s analysis included an overview of other personality types and their communication styles. Her comprehensive explanations and observations have been invaluable in my professional life, as I have changed my communication style to better suit the needs of my clients.

I was in the process of hiring a new staff member and was struggling with the right fit to complement our team. I hired Dr. Campbell to help me navigate the murky waters of interviewing. She was able to listen to the needs of our organization, including direct job responsibilities and personalities of the other team members, to help me understand the qualities that would be a best fit for us. I received a detailed overview of qualities that would help compliment the current staff. She also provided me with some key items to listen for and question in interviews to make each interview productive.

I will definitely be using her services in the future whenever I need to get a fresh perspective on me, my team or my clients.

Learning more about yourself is one key to igniting your potential. The problem is that learning about yourself, by yourself is hard. That’s why I needed Dr. Campbell.

What to get out of a temporary rut, take that next step at work, improve a relationship, or simply prepare for a big decision? If so, it is time to call Dr. Colleen Campbell. Dr. Campbell will help you learn what it is about yourself that is holding you back or help you get in a place to make the best decision for you and the people you care about.

I met Colleen at a very interesting point in my life. I was/am going through the phenom known as “saturm return,” a time of a lot of transformation. I told Dr. Colleen I was getting ready to sale all of my things and start traveling, but that I was super anxious about doing so since the behavior I had been exhibiting recently was all new.

She invited me to the Myers and Briggs workshop she was hosting the following week and it proved to be very helpful. I really appreciate the honest feedback and patience in helping sort through my situation.

She’s good. She’s passionate. She’s a kick ass life coach. Go see her!

Dr. Colleen Campbell is a shining star. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist and I am confident in referring clients who are seeking to activate change in their lives. Dr. Campbell is highly experienced in truly seeing a client deeply and understanding the stuck places that they are challenged by. She is very effective in assisting a client in creating clear goals towards their desired change and helping them transform their limitations towards effective expansions.

Dr. Campbell is a beautiful mix of earthy and practical goals and change with a special spark and delight. You instantly feel inspired to work with her. If you are needing a change in your life, especially around career then wait no longer, Dr. Campbell is a coach you will be thankful for in your life.

For a long while, I was looking for a life coach or a counselor to help me out with some life and career choices. When I found her, I immediately started to buzz, hoping that this would be the right fit. I had an initial chat with her, and she suggested I take the Meyer’s Briggs personality test and we could review it after our first session.

Dr. Colleen Campbell was absolutely everything I was looking for, and more. Both her office and personality are warm and inviting, and I found that she was able to be both gentle and firm with me in my sessions, which is a high priority for me. She is able to be both creative and logical when helping me hash out my future endeavors.

If anyone is looking for a good counselor or life coach, I highly recommend Dr. Colleen.

Dr. Colleen Campbell is fantastic.

I started working with Dr. Colleen following an episode of panic attacks caused by anxiety about my career path. From our first phone consultation, I felt heard and validated, encouraged and optimistic. I’ve been working with Dr. Colleen for the past month or so, and have taken huge steps in this short period of time. Dr. Colleen has a knack for helping me see options and opportunities I hadn’t noticed. Instead of feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I feel everything is much more “do-able”. Since working together, I feel much more pro-active, focused, and energized.

Also, I LOVE that she is respectful of our time together, and my financial resources. When we started working together, I shared that I had a limited budget, so I could only commit to a certain number of sessions. When we got to the halfway point, she checked in with me to feel out how best to spend our remaining sessions. She has been flexible and thoughtful all along the way, making sure I get the most mileage from our time together.

Thanks Dr. Colleen!!

Dr. Campbell changed my life. A few years ago I found myself at a crossroad. I was reasonably successful, well educated, and had a good attitude. But life wasn’t flowing the way I knew it could. The main issues showed themselves in my closest relationships – personal and professional.

Through a series of very positive sessions with Dr. Campbell I gained priceless insight to the patterns of my life. With this heightened awareness, I’ve been able to make subtle but essential changes – with infinite ripple effects. I’m a better partner, a better parent, and a better – happier – person.

We all hold our own answers to the most profound questions of our lives. Sometimes it takes the right person to ask the right question at the right time. I’m forever grateful for the questions Dr. Campbell asked me.

Even when I am just in casual conversation with Collen, I am showered with positive energy, deep insights into living life and an incredible depth of compassion.

Colleen has helped me through some very difficult times in my life and I am eternally grateful for her work and for the person that she is. I really cannot recommend her highly enough. I believe she has unique skills and personal insight that sets her apart from most others in her field.

A life-changing event left me struggling with emotions of deep sorrow and anger. Realizing that I needed guidance to move through these emotions, I contacted Colleen Campbell. Doing so is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. Colleen has an uncanny ability to hear what it is you’re expressing. Listening is her super power, really. Colleen is also an excellent communicator. She asked the right questions to keep me on track with my goals and in doing so helped me gain perspective and strength.

After my sessions with Colleen I felt stronger, happier and better equipped to continue moving forward in a positive way.

Dr. Campbell’s approachable, warm presence is impactful. She’s an expert listener, insightful and inspiring. I have no doubt that working with Colleen helps clients powerfully meet their goals and confidently set those goals higher. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a career or life coach.

I’ve led a interesting life & walked thru some intense fires & I’ve worked with life coaches before who have definitely produced some results, but I’ve never quite had the sense of both advocacy & a real personal interest & stake than I have with Dr. Campbell. & never have I seen the pervasive results that I have working with Dr. Campbell.

Dr. Campbell creates a totally safe environment. I know I can trust her & I know she has my back & my highest callings & ambitions firmly in her focus. She creates this amazing foundation upon which we can really look at what’s at play & how best to get to where I want & deserve to go.

She has this uncanny ability to really hear you. I feel understood, met & it is this sense of intimacy that allows me to fully open up & get to places within myself I hadn’t seen or acknowledged before…. & to see the possibilities for real, decisive change in my life… & so importantly, the tools to get there.

My job keeps me travelling, so Dr. Campbell gears makes it so we can have our sessions both when I’m in San Francisco and running about, giving me the sense of flexibility & constancy i need.

She’s truly one of a kind – a life changer.

I came to Dr. Colleen recently to explore my choices in a career path, and also maybe gain a better understanding of my personality type. Colleen’s personality is warm and nurturing, so it was easy to open up with her and I felt a relationship of trust and mutual understanding developing quickly. Her style is grounded and holistic, curious but never judgmental, yet also logical and firm when needed. She asks a lot of questions and often the gem of the session comes with an answer I came up with on my own, which has a certain “aha” moment a day later. She makes you feel heard and your own ideas are always important in the session, but she guides the time with a firm feel for what she wants you to obtain from each interaction. She is a clear goal setter, and helps the individual align their own goals with realistic time lines, which is why I think she would be a fantastic Life Coach, and I am looking forward to seeing her in that regard.

I chose to first to take an in depth Meyers Briggs Type Indicator assessment, to learn how I perceive the world and make decisions, both in my career and my personal life. What I learned, was so much deeper than I had expected, and I found the results surprising and comforting. The best way to describe 20+ pages of Dr. Colleen’s interpretation of my MBTI was like being truly “seen” for the first time. She described information in the subcategories as if knowing me my whole life, and that was both shocking and comforting. It feels amazing to be really understood, if only everyone allowed their version of the test results to be interpreted by Colleen, we would have no misunderstandings in the world! Well almost, but it did help bridge a divide with my boyfriend, who tested very differently in some major categories, and helped me relate to his need for exact order in life.

I really liked Dr. Colleen’s style, she was able to relate to me both from an emotional sense and in my preference of a logical explanation. I would highly recommend her as a counselor, a life coach or just when you need some extra motivation in your life. She is a resource, and an incredibly intelligent and kind assistant to your life. You could see her once or twenty times and still get something amazing out of each session and learn something about yourself!

It was great working with Meike! I really learned a lot about my behavior and my work ethics. Now I know how to attack more confidently problems at school!

I have already had SUCH profound impact from Meike’s coaching. I am so much more relaxed and present and fun to be around. I have more balance without trying. I am better at my job without trying. Thank you Meike.