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Are you wanting to live and work more intentionally; realign with your values and who you really are? Mara helps clients identify and articulate their goals based on their authentic self. She believes in, and supports you, to make change in manageable steps that lead to big shifts. Regardless of where your journey started, what paths you took, or where you are now, Mara is the coach who will help you find fulfillment and empowerment again.

At Ignite Potential, our team is looking forward to working with you. Our coaching and training can improve your presence and confidence. We have years of experience and can provide a Career Coach in San Francisco who will suit your needs. We look forward to helping you stimulate your growth. From small to large organizations and even startups and fortune 500, our clients have worked in various companies and utilize our services to help get their career path aligned with their goals.


Our team believes everyone has the power to uncover their potential, and start living their truth. Phone and virtual sessions are available. To get started, schedule a free consult with a Career Coach serving San Francisco today.


Ignite Potential helps people get ahead in their professions and careers by unlocking their full potential. Our Career Coach team in San Francisco helps clients improve executive leadership and professional skills through honest feedback and effective career coaching. 

The Ignite Potential team is looking forward to working with you. We have years of experience in San Francisco Career Coaching, and we look forward to helping you accelerate your growth. From small to large organizations and even startups and fortune 500, our clients have worked in various companies and utilize our services to help get their life path aligned with their goals.



Our award-winning coaches at the Ignite Your Potential Centers offer a complimentary 25-minute phone session to help you come up with more ways to boost your team’s morale! We are the #1 career coaches in San Francisco and the #1 career coaches in Los Angeles, let us show you how we earned that praise.

We are here to help you, whether you are:

  • recently graduated
  • a seasoned executive
  • stuck where you are

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to accomplish?

Our Clients are Lawyers Surgeons NASA scientists Product Managers Marketing Professionals Educators C-Suite Consultants Accountants Sales Professionals Recent Grads Executives Creatives Engineers HR Professionals Communication Experts MIT scientists in Tech and in other fields across a wide range of industries

Thousands of Successful Clients!


Are you ready for a change? A change in your career and your future? Whether you are recently graduated, a seasoned executive or stuck where you are, we are here to help you on your journey. Our one on one coaching services are here to help you as you review your path.


Career coaches support you by coaching you through your career decisions and by working with you to create a tailored approach for your needs and goals. 

Career coaches are experts in career planning, resume building and current hiring practices. These professionals can help you unlock your full potential and help you build your leadership skills. If you are going through a career transition (ie. job change, promotion, layoff, new to the country, stuck in a career rut, can't find a job, etc.) you will benefit from hiring a career coach.

Click here to book an appointment with one of our expert career coaches. You may be instructed to have an updated version of your resume handy with a copy forwarded to your career coach ahead of your first scheduled session. 

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    I am so thankful for connecting with Lynn Bernstein as my career coach. At first I requested her help in preparing to interview for an executive level position. I loved... read more

    Rochelle Kiner Avatar Rochelle Kiner

    I can highly recommend Christine Brooks as a coach! She is extremely qualified and her approach is very structured.

    Philippe Schydlowsky Avatar Philippe Schydlowsky
  • After having gone through an abusive relationship which brought me to the point that I thought and I felt I was nothing. Nothing in my life felt okay. Nothing was... read more

    RaiAh CNc Avatar RaiAh CNc

    Being a new manager can be a challenge especially when you don’t have a mentor. The various things I was facing were new to me, as it was the first... read more

    Aniel Clem Avatar Aniel Clem

    I've had two sessions with Lynne and it's already been a very productive experience for me. It's been wonderful to have an expert guide help me along a new path... read more

    M Rounseville Avatar M Rounseville
  • Just a year ago, I began to want to make myself a "someone" in the niche that I have learned to love: Marketing and Industrial Research Development. It's a good... read more

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    I've been working with Christine Brooks from Ignite your Potential for some time now and it has truly been transformative. For many years I'd been a teacher and the thought... read more

    Liza Gleason Avatar Liza Gleason

    Shannon was so helpful in guiding me to discover insights about myself and my career journey that I would not have found on my own. I have more direction now... read more

    Megan Friedlander Avatar Megan Friedlander
  • I thought I would never escape the sadness that enveloped me when my best friend died. We were like sisters; best friends from the time we were little girls. I... read more

    Eleanor Quinn Avatar Eleanor Quinn

    It always feels great to see things in a different light and to be reminded that life is not only about downfalls or frustrations. It's about getting to know yourself... read more

    Raya Clem Avatar Raya Clem
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