Ignite Your Potential helps you clarify and activate what’s next.


Ignite Your Potential has been helping results-oriented individuals and industry giants achieve their highest goals. We are all seasoned professional coaches with extensive expertise in psychology, the neurobiological basis for behavioral, trauma-informed, motivational change.

We meet clients virtually from centers in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.


Many of our clients come from varied backgrounds and each has unique challenges to overcome or areas of growth they want to focus on.

Many have experienced life changes such as loss of employment, promotion, new marriage, divorce, grief from the death of a loved one, onboarding at a new job, enjoying and grappling with parenthood, planning retirement, and many other life experiences where the support of a thought partner and coach can make the journey more empowering and more easily successful.

Others are dealing with stress affecting performance or motivation.

Our California career coaching and New York career coaching, our executive coaching, and life coaching have helped many clients over the last 15 years. Get started with one of our coaches today.

We Identify And Assist With...

  • Frustration, burnout, fatigue
  • A narrative of ‘spinning your wheels and getting nowhere’ or of being ‘in a rut’
  • Lack of clarity on how to make a change or how to comply with a recent work review
  • Assistance required in evaluating and communicating your job description or getting your resume together after your company goes through a reorganization or acquisition
  • What needs to be done next after you’ve sold a company and are unsure of next steps
  • Career pivot readiness and project management
“I've had a wonderful experience. When we first started working together, I was at a stressful and frustrating point in my career and considering a change. We dove deep and explored every option, leaving no stone unturned. We developed methods to evaluate every potential route I could have taken, discussed the pros and cons of big decisions, and worked together to create a vision of my future that I wanted--then made a plan to achieve it.”
“From the first call we had together I knew we had a great connection and I had complete faith in her. Not only did Mara help me do a deep dive into what I wanted to do with my career by exploring all options, but also took me on a journey of discovering what I want from life. Mara has a gift of being wise and has a great sense of humor, which is infectious. I always felt so energized and inspired after our calls. Do yourself a favor and give her a call. One last tip, spend time to do the homework, you will benefit so much from it.
“Life changing! I sought career counseling because I was fired from my job and needed support for my interviews. My counselor was instrumental in not only helping me through this terrible time but gave me the confidence for my interviews. She had extensive knowledge in all areas of psychology, neuroscience, and company and career dynamics. She knows what to say to support the issue at hand. She is intuitive to get to the root cause and helps guide toward a solution. In the two months we worked together, I gained confidence and landed my dream job!”
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Our Clients' UNPARALLELED GROWTH is our Goal
OUR COACHING CENTER HAS successfully worked with clients from the following companies and more:

Where do you want to go?

What do you want to accomplish?

Clients are Lawyers Surgeons NASA scientists Product Managers Marketing Professionals Educators C-Suite Consultants Accountants Sales Professionals Recent Grads Executives Creatives Engineers HR Professionals Communication Experts MIT scientists in Tech and in other fields across a wide range of industries

At Ignite Your Potential, we are more than coaches or counselors, we are your advocates… your quiet cheerleaders… and will hold your vision at times when you feel shaken. With graduate degrees in psychology and backgrounds in coaching and psychotherapy, our coaching center is skilled at seeing and understanding you and your circumstances.

We explore and strategize together, process and come up with creative ideas so that in the end you’ve changed, your circumstances are different, and you’ve arrived where you want to be.

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Knowing Oneself comes from the continued development of self-awareness

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Our coaching center helps you to achieve more, be it in your career, your life, or if you just want to get un-stuck.

About Our Coaching Center

Unrivaled Career, Executive, and Life Coaching

Ignite Your Potential’s cutting edge work in the field of personal growth and development has redefined career and life coaching. We’re not just experts in the field, we also provide a space for people to come to learn, grow, and Ignite their potential.

I have gathered these excellent coaches, whom I have known for years so that there is a fit for everyone based on personality, goals, and even affordability.

We are the only coaching center practice where every single one of our coaches has been an executive in the field, has the highest coaching certifications and/or has earned doctorate degrees.  Learn more about our coaching center today.