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25 mins

How and when do you thrive? What generates happiness for you, and gives you a turned-on life? Dr. Campbell helps you answer these questions, and clarifyachieve, and exceed your goals. From launching ideas, and improving your performance, to strategizing next steps, and finding out which career/industry/company is the right fit, she has helped hundreds of clients ignite, and she can help you.

coach dr christine brooks
25 mins

Are you ready to take the next steps in your life but are not sure where to start? Would you like to develop confidence and express exactly who you are to the world? Dr. Brooks helps you tap directly in to your natural talents and style to work and live from a place of passion and engagement. From supporting you in self-discovery to creating strategies for finding your optimal professional or personal path, Christine uses proven methods in emotional & social intelligence to help you thrive in work and life. Dr. Brooks does her work with clients through Skype.

coach mara rose
25 mins

Are you wanting to live and work more intentionally; realign with your values and who you really are? Mara helps clients identify and articulate their goals based on their authentic self. She believes in, and supports you, to make change in manageable steps that lead to big shifts. Regardless of where your journey started, what paths you took, or where you are now, Mara is the coach who will help you find fulfillment and empowerment again.


coach brita grothe
25 mins

Are you encountering transitions that are making it clear that something needs to shift? Are you ambitious and know what matters to you, but feel depleted and not quite sure what needs to change? Can you sense the possibility of more contentment with less effort, but the path forward either seems foggy or full of complexity?

Brita helps you get clear about what you really want, what feeds and nourishes you, and what’s in the way of expanding into the joy possible for you. Together, you’ll find the path of ease, so that your work life (and quite frankly, all of your life) can fit the shape of who you’re becoming, with that effortless magic that you’ve tasted at times. She helps you uncover what’s in the way of allowing your life to unfold in this way and helps unravel the blocks with simplicity. 

coach lynne bernstein
25 mins

Do you find that you are spending the greatest portion of your days unfulfilled & disconnected from your best self?  Do you want a greater sense of aliveness and more success in your professional pursuits?  Above all, are you looking for your dream job or maybe change careers? Lynne has 20 plus years experience as a VP in Human Resources and has supported many people in their professional and leadership development, career explorations and transitions, and she can help you too. Lynne empowers her clients to live life on purpose.

Available for phone, Zoom, Skype, Lynne is located in LA.


coach kevin palmissano
20 mins

Do you have the credentials, experience, and drive but just haven’t landed your dream job? You are not alone. The hard-earned skills we obtain in our careers don’t often lead us to understand how best to market ourselves to potential employers. Keven Palmissano has over 20 years of progressive experience in both Human Resources and resume consulting. Keven has worked with hundreds of motivated clients in dozens of industries within 21 different states.

Through extensive collaboration you will have a new understanding of how to sell your value. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and learn. All clients receive the executive treatment so your investment of $450 will get you personalized attention no matter where you are in your career. Additional services available include CVs, mock interviews, job search strategies, cover letters, and thank you letters.

coach silvana gargione
20 mins

Are you in your early or mid-career and feeling less than clear about your ‘on paper’ and ‘online’ presence?  When creating a resume or bio, Silvana highlights her client’s potential for growth and the impacts they have already made, to best weave personal story into career history. With a background in content marketing and non-fiction writing, Silvana enjoys working with early and mid-career job-seekers to give them the clarity they need to take the next big step. Her eye for empathy, ear for humor, and voice for persuasion breathes humanity into each career milestone, resulting in a dynamic and approachable document her clients are proud to share.  With an option to partner hourly on small additions or do a full resume overhaul,  the investment for Silvana’s resumes begin at $200.

coach leslie ayres
30 mins

Are you ready to launch (or relaunch) your job search?  Leslie is The Job Search Guru and works with professionals and executives who know they need a modern resume that tells a clear storyLinkedIn branding that gets noticed, and job search strategies to navigate the modern job search market with confidence.

Leslie’s know-how comes from more than 20 years as a Bay Area recruiter, executive search consultant, resume writer and job search coach for clients of every level, industry and profession. Her unique insider perspective helps her create one-of-a-kind resumes and profiles through storytelling, design, branding, a focus on the audience, and some Jedi-mind-trick strategy to create a marketing document that will position you for your next career adventure. The investment for Leslie’s resumes ranges from $450 to $950.



A Word From Our Founder...

Ignite Your Potential was founded over 13 years ago (2008) by Dr. Colleen Campbell who was inspired, first and foremost, from her own healing and growth process.

I came into young adulthood with low self-esteem, neurosis, negative self-talk, volatile relationships, and an active addictive cycle as my primary coping skill. I was struggling deeply and there were times when my future seemed grim.

Working with a therapist and reading Scott Peck's A Road Less Traveled began a journey where I started to think that my idealistic notions, that I barely dared to dream, might be more than just a fantasy. If I could heal myself, I could help others on their journey to health, wholeness, knowing themselves: success as they define it.

I have come pretty far on the road of change. I have been doing personal and professional work in the realm of change and growth for the last 25 years and have a passion to bring this to others.

Ignite Your Potential stands out as a resource for smart, creative, people who want to change - to have more fulfilling lives and careers and to figure out how they can be who they are meant to be. The coaches and therapists here help in a way that no other place is helping clients: through a blend of top-notch career, executive, and life coaching and their own experience in the field. Then there’s the fact that there are a variety of different coaches so that clients can find the right-fit coach for them.


Our award-winning coaches at the Ignite Your Potential Centers offer a complimentary 25-minute phone session to help you come up with more ways to boost your team’s morale! We are the #1 career coaches in San Francisco and the #1 career coaches in Los Angeles, let us show you how we earned that praise.

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