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dr christine brooks coaching center
25 mins

Have you been thinking about making a change but have had trouble getting traction? Would you like to develop more presence and communicate exactly who you are to the world? Dr. Brooks collaborates with you towards more resourcefulness so you can live from a place of passion and engagement. From supporting you in discovering more of your natural talents to creating strategies for to optimize your professional or personal path, Christine uses proven methods in emotional & social intelligence to help you thrive in work and life. Dr. Brooks offers effective life counseling and life coaching services for clients.

mara rose coaching center
25 mins

Mara helps clients identify and articulate their goals based on their authentic self. She believes in, and supports you, to make change in manageable steps that lead to big shifts. Regardless of where your journey started, what paths you took, or where you are now, Mara is the coach who will help you find fulfillment and empowerment again.

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brita grothe coaching center
25 mins

Are you experiencing transitions in your life that are causing you to doubt yourself? You remember times when you were undeniably yourself, but you’re not sure how to get back that spark. With Brita, you’ll understand your innate strengths and harness them to bring your whole self to what you do in the world. With confidence and clear direction, you’ll create a strategy that has your life fit you and leads you to be your most empowered self. You’ll once again, or maybe for the first time, have the life you know is possible.

In your work with Brita, you’ll remember what it means to trust yourself. Brita offers life counseling and life coaching services on a range of personal and professional topics including mid life crisis in men and women.

Brita is one of our San Francisco life coaches and also offers phone sessions.

lynne berstein coaching center
25 mins

Do you want more?  Do you dream of letting go of what is not working and finding flow in life?  Lynne is inspired to work with people who have big expansive ideas that are right in view but not yet realized. Lynne challenges her clients to explore and find hidden gems of insight that enable them to achieve their greatest potential. As an intuitive coach, she asks insightful and powerful questions that unleash the creativity, courage, and active engagement needed to identify and fully embrace the life of your dreams.  Lynne empowers her clients to live life on purpose.

Lynne is one of our Los Angeles life coaches and also offers phone sessions.