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Founder and CEO of the Ignite Your Potential Center.

Dr Campbell is an expert in the Myers and Briggs personality profile, the most widely given personality test in the world, and the StrengthsFinder, an assessment developed by Gallup that reveals your top strengths.

We know now, through research done at UCLA, that personality and strengths are neurological. By recognizing these patterns, you come to understand your motivations, what energize you, how you make decisions, what type of thinker you are, and many other insights that will expand your ability to thrive. Emotional & Social Intelligence Coaching can help you in your life and work.

Knowledge truly is power. Learning more about yourself gives you the leverage you need to meet your most ambitious goals.

25 mins
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Are you ready to take the next steps in your life but are not sure where to start? Would you like to develop confidence and express exactly who you are to the world? Dr. Brooks helps you tap directly in to your natural talents and style to work and live from a place of passion and engagement. From supporting you in self-discovery to creating strategies for finding your optimal professional or personal path, Christine uses proven methods in emotional & social intelligence to help you thrive in work and life. 

25 mins