Ignite Your Job Search

Career Coach

Lynne Bernstein, CPCC, ACC, HR Specialist

Lynne is the perfect fit career coach for you when you are looking for an intuitive, creative coach who also has twenty years experience as a VP of Human Resources. Maybe you’re at the wrong company, or your role isn’t right; maybe you’ve been passed over for a promotion? This is the right time to engage with Lynne, explore all that is possible, and move forward with a well thought through strategy and tools in hand. Lynne offers collaborative coaching that can be focused on larger goals or concentrated on specific topics such as job search, interview or negotiation skills.

Lynne is one of our Los Angeles coaches and also offers phone sessions.

30 Minutes

Resume Expert

Silvana Gargione, Resume, LinkedIn, and Bio Writer

Are you feeling confident in the direction you’re headed in your career but less clear about your ‘on paper’ and ‘online’ presence?  When creating a resume or bio, Silvana highlights her client’s potential for growth and the impacts they have already made, to best weave personal story into career history. Her eye for empathy, ear for humor, and voice for persuasion breathe humanity into each experience or milestone, resulting in a dynamic and approachable document her clients are proud to share.  With a background in content marketing and non-fiction writing, Silvana knows how to catch the eye of hiring managers for all the right reasons. The investment for Silvana’s resumes range from $300 to $750.

20 Minutes

Expert Career Advisor

Leslie Ayres, Resume and LinkedIn Writer, Recruiter

Have you ever met someone who absolutely loves their job, and felt envious as you wondered what their secret is? Leslie is The Job Search Guru, and offers expert job search strategies. She helps you illustrate the precise narrative on your resume and LinkedIn profile, so that you get noticed above others. Leslie is the person you should talk to when you are in an active job search and need strong branding in your resume and LinkedIn. She is our premier resume writing coach and has helped many executives, and those in the C-Suite, obtain their next awesome challenge.

Leslie knows what will help you succeed because she was a recruiter in the Bay Area for 25 plus years. The investment for Leslie’s resumes range from $400 to $850.