Where do you want to go next?

You know how sometimes, smart people suffer with frustration, because an aspect of their lives isn’t optimal? We help those who want to achieve more, be it in their careers, their relationships, or those who just want to get un-stuck.

We explore and strategize together, process and come up with creative ideas so that in the end you’ve changed, your circumstances are different, and you’ve arrived where you want to be.

We are more than coaches or counselors, we are your advocates… your quiet cheerleaders… and will hold your vision at times when you feel shaken. With graduate degrees in psychology, and backgrounds in coaching and psychotherapy, we are skilled at seeing and understanding you and your circumstances.

Let’s find out if we’re a good fit.

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How Do You Create Your Wonderful Life?

I often see people compromising before they even get started. It’s terribly sad to me because it’s a self-imposed trap that comes about because we believe we can’t have what it is we really want. Lean in: this is an illusion. The people you see who are successful…they keep their eye on what it is … Continue reading

A Few Things I Know About You

You deserve to be loved deeply and to feel like you belong. You can trust yourself. You feel empowered when you speak what is true. You have it within you to get through. When you soften into self-acceptance, where you know and own who you are, it feels right, like a breath of fresh air…a … Continue reading

Dr Campbell Interviewed

Had a big win I wanted to share with all friends reading this post. It focuses on one of the many types of clients I help on a daily basis: Women Entrepreneurs.
This is the interview that ran in their latest post, and I’m very proud that they featured me; not only because I help mothers … Continue reading

How Are You Living?

If you know a smart chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, fitness trainer, nutritionist, or pilates expert, if they are helping you lose weight or get healthier, they will ask you to do a food journal. Many of you may have tried this as a way to increase your awareness about what you are putting into your body. … Continue reading

How Do You Tell Your Story of Success?

I help people clarify and meet their goals but I also help people feel stronger and more confident about who they are.  Today I’m sharing a “behind the scenes” strategy I use to help my clients remember who they really are and feel more self-assured. There are many reasons why a person might not feel … Continue reading