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Dr. Colleen Campbell

Founder and CEO of the Ignite Your Potential Center.

How and when do you thrive? What generates happiness for you, and gives you a turned-on life? Dr. Campbell helps you answer these questions, and clarify, achieve, and exceed your goals. From launching ideas, and improving your performance, to strategizing next steps, and finding out which career/industry/company is the right fit, she has helped hundreds of clients ignite, and she can help you.

25 Minutes

Linda Lesem, MS

If you have ever felt that if you could just figure out: “who you are” and “what makes you tick,” that you would be happier, then Linda is the coach for you. A certified Life Coach, with an M.S. in Counseling Psychology, and expertise in Positive Psychology, Linda uses a motivating and integrative coaching process, that helps you access personal insight so you can move into greater happiness in you career and life. 

30 Minutes

Meike Hennon

Meike is the coach who will remind you how powerful you are. A StrengthsFinder expert, Meike identifies which talents you have at your disposal, and then enables you to move through life with more confidence. You’ll leverage those strengths to achieve goals that once seemed out of reach. Discover your strengths with Meike and experience what it means to be empoweredMeike works with adults and also children 12 and up.

30 Minutes

Elizabeth Sullivan, LMFT

Have you lost your spark? Do certain days challenge every shred of your self-confidence? Don’t worry. Elizabeth is your guide to getting back to yourself. Together, you’ll embark on an inner quest to develop your own unique tools for confidencecalm, and clarity. Elizabeth is a skillful licensed psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples experiencing depression, anxiety and other difficult feelings. Remember who you are with Elizabeth, and get back on the path to a fuller, healthier you.

20 Minutes

Leslie Ayres

Have you ever met someone who absolutely loves their job, and felt envious as you wondered what their secret is? Leslie is The Job Search Guru, and offers expert job search strategy sessions. She helps you illustrate the precise narrative on your resume and LinkedIn profile, so that you get noticed above others.

Leslie knows what succeeds because she was a recruiter in the Bay Area for 25 years, and she can make sure you have what it takes to get noticed.

30 Minutes