Asking question to find yourself and your path.

What Is Your Quest?

The questions we ask determine whether we will be superficial or profound, acceptors of the status quo or searchers. The difference between Einstein and Hitler depends on the questions they asked. What you ask is who you are. What you find depends on what you search for. Imagine the different type and quality of life you would have if the main question you asked when you got up each morning was each of the following: Where can I get my next fix of heroin? How do I serve God? What will the neighbors think? What happened during the big bang when the world was created? Who will love me? How do I get power? How can we destroy our enemy? How can we end violence? Where will I spend eternity? How can I make enough money? Who are my friends? How can I be comfortable? Is my cancer curable? How can I become famous? How do we heal the earth? Where can I get food for my children?

What is your quest? Your question?

This is written by Sam Keen an American author, professor and philosopher who is known for his exploration of questions regarding love, life, and spirituality.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    This is a great post as well as a fantastic question. Each day my quest is to learn, grow, observe, lead by example and appreciate all that I have in my life. Questions I ask are along the same lines: How can I improve? How can I help?

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