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Career Fulfillment with Our Career Coaching

I remember as a child, an adult saying to me: “You’re not supposed to like your work. It’s what you do to pay the bills.” This statement is the antithesis of what we know to be true at Ignite Your Potential. If your career and role fit you, to a positive degree, you will be energized by your work. Every one of us can have a career that fits our greatest strengths and personality patterns… Which is the truest recipe for engagement and career fulfillment! To be clear, this doesn’t mean once we know what the right fit is, we are finished. There are always next-level moves, calculated compromises, and professional development. Think of the “right fit” as a recipe that makes up the foundation of your career. The rest is building upon it.

We all have blind spots. Areas that we don’t notice, or are so used to, that we don’t see the bigger picture of what is actually going on. It is our core mission at Ignite Your Potential to look deeper, to view your personality, strengths, and values. We pay attention to the patterns in your work life and career choices. We then weave together a career pathway that aligns with the key tasks and responsibilities that energize you the most. Here are the ways we can turn your bland, draining, or potentially burn out inducing career into a path where you get real fulfillment and reward.

career fulfillment

We assess your personality patterns and top strengths and align them with your career.

To begin with, everyone has personality and strength patterns that reflect how we are wired neurologically. At Ignite Your Potential, we take an inventory of your personality and strengths combination. We call this your Career Criteria. Whether you are analytical, strategic, a problem-solver, focusing on objectivity and efficiency, or empathetic. If you create good synergy on teams, are well organized, good at creating systems, etc… whatever your offerings… The more you know, the more you can succeed at work. We use scientifically normed assessments to compile your Career Criteria (personal inventory). Then, we go through a structured process to determine the best career match.

We help you build a strategic action plan that defines a fulfillment-driven career.

You and your Ignite Your Potential career coach will form a partnership. Think about it as a process that transforms your individualized Career Criteria into:

  • A checklist to vet potential career paths and roles.
  • Your unique selling points.
  • Areas where you want to set goals for professional development.

Working toward a career that fulfills you rather than drains you requires setting specific and detailed goals. Ignite Your Potential has perfected a structured process and will help you get to lasting career fulfillment.

Our thoughtfully developed materials guide you through a brainstorming process. This is so you can begin to list all your potential pivot points. Some of these pivot points may be easy to get to from where you currently are; however, others may be significant career changes. Once this process is complete you will use your Career Criteria to vet these ideas. In this way, you can narrow down your list until you’ve decided on the next right career move. At that point, you and your coach collaborate on the strategic action plan. This is to bring you through the pivot to your next career. This aligns with the areas you naturally excel in.

We’re with you throughout the whole process.

Your Ignite Your Potential career coach dedicates to seeing you through this entire project. Beginning with turning your focus inward to inventory your personality and strengths and compiling this into your Career Criteria. Then brainstorming to list all your potential pivots. Finally, creating a strategic action plan to make the next right career move. Once you begin to activate your plan, you’ll be on your way. Your career coach will support your accountability and motivation as you complete the transition to the other side. We consider it a success when you have made the pivot and achieved a more fulfilled career life.

We care beyond words.

There are many life coaches and career coaches who may help clients with one aspect of this; however, they are unable to support this entire career pivot project. At Ignite Your Potential, we have the experience, education, past performance, and extensive materials we’ve developed. This all can support your process: beginning, middle, and completion. All of the coaches at Ignite Your Potential are not only extremely well educated. In their field, they also continue educating themselves. They work on their own professional growth. Finally, they believe that their own continuous development feeds into the mastery of the craft of career coaching and life coaching.

In addition, years of positive and mutually beneficial relationship-building with their clients have taught them a lot. It has made them some of the most empathetic, kind, and caring people you’ll ever have the pleasure of working with. We pride ourselves on how much we care about our amazing clients.

Bottom Line

Ignite Your Potential is more than just a helpful hand in your job search. Above all, Ignite Your Potential is a team of positive, smart people. They have dedicated their lives to matching people’s set of unique skills and offerings with a career that gives them the fulfillment they deserve.

Want more advice on powering your brain up? The coaches at Ignite Your Potential are here to help. Reach out and take advantage of our complimentary 25-minute phone sessions.

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