3 Ways Diversity Makes Your Team Stronger

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3 Ways Diversity Makes Your Team Stronger

Having a diverse workforce is not about showing a rainbow of faces on your company’s “About Us” page. Diversity makes your team stronger, more cohesive, and high-performing.

Boosted Creativity

The bottom line is that when you bring new ideas, different viewpoints, and communication styles to a workplace, you are engineering a diversity of thought—one that is agile and can solve any problem. We all have a perspective that we bring to the table and a diverse team can reduce a company’s blind spots.

An added bonus is that diverse teams are more creative because employees are exposed to multiple attitudes and means of expression.

Higher Retention

When your brand promotes diversity, you are not just saying you are a progressive company, you are creating and expanding the fabric of the US. Millennials are the most diverse generation in this country’s history, in fact, 44% of them are minorities. And 47% actively look for companies that have diversity and inclusion programs when deciding on a job offer.

If an employee knows their company understands and appreciates the value of diversity—they are going to be more fulfilled because they can be themselves at work, regardless of race or sexuality.

Bigger Profits

As if boosted creativity and higher retention weren’t enough, adding diversity to your team also results in bigger profits.

One study by BCG found that diverse teams can raise revenues by 19%. Why is that? If you have a diverse workforce, they are more likely to relate to and understand the needs of a particular client.

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