How to deal with Illegal Interview Questions

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How to deal with Illegal Interview Questions

How to deal with Illegal Interview Questions. There’s no doubt that in today’s competitive job market, applicants are under a lot of pressure. Acing the interview is undoubtedly one of the most challenging parts of the process, and illegal interview questions can throw off even the most experienced job seeker. Whether or not the unlawful questions seem intentional, you shouldn’t feel obligated to answer them. However, you probably don’t want the interview to go completely downhill.

Thankfully, anyone can tackle awkward, intimidating, or illegal interview questions with the right mindset and preparation. Interviews are an opportunity to prove yourself.  They should not give interviewers the chance to potentially discriminate against you. Remember: anything related to race, religion, gender, age, family life, and your living situation is off the table. If you’re living in the US, be sure to research what’s illegal per state. For example, it’s illegal for employers to ask about your previous salary in California. 

Learn how to answer questions under these categories, so you can leave the interview feeling good regardless of the outcome. Keep in mind that if there are too many red flags during the interview, you should probably reconsider if the company/position is the right fit for you. Since navigating how to deal with illegal interview questions is tough, the team at LiveCareer created the graphic below to help.

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