Zoom Exhaustion Is Real (and it’s not just Zoom)

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Zoom Exhaustion Is Real (and it’s not just Zoom)

If you’re feeling exhausted by numerous zoom meetings, you’re not alone.  Zoom meeting exhaustion is real. Although not officially recognized as a disease or syndrome, “Zoom Fatigue” is real and widespread. Such publications as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and National Geographic, among others, agree. It doesn’t have to be Zoom, it can be any video conferencing platform. What are the factors contributing to Zoom Fatigue?

Among many factors, it’s

chiefly because video calls require more mental processing than face-to-face meetings. In addition, there is the Ringlemann Effect, who proved that there’s an inverse relationship between the size of the group and the size of each group members’ individ

ual contribution. In Zoom meetings we must focus more intently on conversations in order to absorb information. Without visual breaks, our brains grow tired.

A number of ways to reduce zoom exhaustion

Idea.Ted.com listed 5 things about Zoom meetings that are different from in-person meetings:

  1. We miss out on a lot of non-verbal communication.
  2. What if the kids run in?
  3. No water-cooler catch-ups.
  4. Looking at our own face is stressful.
  5. Are you listening or are you frozen?

They offered solutions as well:

  1. Start and end with an Emotion Check.
  2. Have a role for everyone. This will help you counteract the Ringelmann Effect.
  3. 10 Minute Breaks, 10-15 Minute Labs.
  4. Frequent questions increase blood flow to the decision-making center of the brain.
  5. Summarize topics to refocus everyone – add due diligence to decisions.

Harvard Business Review made the following suggestions:

  1. Avoid multitasking.
  2. Build-in breaks.
  3. Reduce onscreen stimuli.
  4. Make virtual social events opt-in.
  5. Switch to phone calls or emails.
  6. For external calls, avoid defaulting to video, especially if you don’t know each other well.

zoom session for work

Mindful.org published the following suggestions to improve your Zoom experience:

  1. Take a few moments before clicking “Start” to settle and ground your attention.
  2. Take the time to truly greet whoever is in the room with your full attention.
  3. Choose speaker view
  4. Resist the urge to multitask.
  5. Try to take measured breaks between sessions.
  6. And finally, remind yourself periodically that this is a new place.

Zoom meeting will be the new workplace normal. We can reduce the negative effects of online video meetings. Consider other options or whether the meeting is really necessary. Consider shared document platforms with detailed comments. Limit the number of Zoom meetings per day and continue to utilize messaging and email. And don’t forget the telephone. Use the above tools to keep the brains of your team engaged during Zoom meetings. Honor the brain by paying attention to breaks and emotions. Engage everyone by ensuring the right people are present and an effective meeting process is followed.

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