Finding the Right Mentor – 7 Helpful Tips

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Finding the Right Mentor – 7 Helpful Tips

To begin with, it’s important to remember that finding the right mentor doesn’t have to be difficult! It has long been said by the wise that going it alone is something to avoid. Successful people share a talent for acquiring and utilizing talented people to accomplish their goals. Athletes employ coaches, psychologists, and trainers. Today’s NBA teams seem to have more coaches than players on the bench. Tony Robbins advises us to take a look at professional athlete’s coaches to gain that championship edge in the world of private enterprise, which he captions: The mindset of a champion.

A mentor is a coach for the mind. Having someone to assist you in maintaining your focus alone is a great advantage. A mentor can also help make decisions and connections in your quest for success.

Here are some things to look for when finding the right mentor

Your mentor must be:

1. Focused on Goals

When you find the right mentor, you want someone who understands and supports your goals, especially your long-term goals. A mentor should help you develop goal-setting strategies first and foremost.

2. Inspirational

Your mentor must help energize and motivate you in the long, challenging quest for competence and success. Nothing worth anything comes easy. If your mentor doesn’t leave you ready to go out and battle, then something is missing.

3. Competent

Most certainly, to effectively coach you towards success, your mentor must be knowledgeable. You need to find the right mentor who is more than a cheerleader. Every field and enterprise has its language and quirks. If your mentor doesn’t know the ins and outs of your chosen field, they may be lacking. This is a good exercise in surrounding yourself with the right people, the key to success.

4. Honest

If nothing else, your mentor must be completely honest with you. As you look to find the right mentor, you’re looking for someone who inspires you and helps you set realistic goals. A good mentor or coach wants to stretch you but not set you up for failure.

5. A good listener and communicate clearly

A great mentor not only provides excellent and honest advice, but they should also model positive and professional interactions with peers. That always starts with deep listening and careful and thoughtful communication. You can begin by carefully observing your mentor’s communication style. This is a must for a successful mentor.

6. Empathetic

Above all, empathy is not just about being nice. It’s about being able to judge how others feel in a given situation. Lacking empathy diminishes insight and, therefore, judgment. As you find the right mentor, avoid working with a mentor who is unempathetic.

7. Passionate

If your mentor isn’t excited about your goals and lacks energy overall, they may lack the required passion for guiding you to success.

Finally, finding the right mentor might be your first step in building your team. Make it a test of your ability to make and execute good judgment. Success is hard and takes time. One of the hardest lessons is that you can’t always afford to be nice. A mentor can help launch you to great heights. If your mentor lacks any of these essential attributes, you need to find another mentor. This will not be the last time you will need to make the hard decisions if you are successful. Learning to employ the right people starts here.

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