Benefits of Resume Writing Services

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benefits of resume writing

Benefits of Resume Writing Services

Want to land your dream job? Be sure your resume and cover letter are top-notch. Many people cringe at the thought of updating their resumes. It can be an arduous task. But to land the job, you’ll need to dust off your resume or, even worse, start from scratch. Have you considered the benefits of resume writing services?

Worry not, friends! There are men and women who write resumes for a living! They are trained professionals who know precisely how to craft cover letters and build resumes that will show off your best talents. 

What is a Resume Coach: 

A resume coach’s primary focus is helping their clients make an excellent first impression. These are skilled men and women who can help you tailor your resume and craft compelling cover letters that tell the story of your career.  

Resume coaches possess skills in: 

  • Resume formatting 
  • Career storytelling 
  • Writing 
  • Helping people show off critical skill sets 

Why People Hire a Resume Coach: 

Getting a new gig is hard. There’s no way around it. Or is there?  

People hire resume coaches for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, resume coaches possess skills in the business of resumes. They know best practices, understand what hiring managers look for, and have lots of practice in everything resumes.

When To Hire a Resume Coach: 

The list of reasons why people hire resume coaches is long. Here are five situations where a resume coach is critically important.  

  1. Tackling your first resume 
  1. Explaining a gap in your resume 
  1. Switching industries  
  1. Over or underqualified  
  1. Not a strong writer 

Ignite Your Potential Center Resume Coaches 

The coaches at Ignite Your Potential are skilled at crafting top-notch cover letters and resumes. Their many years of experience help their client’s resumes rise to the top and positively impact hiring managers.  Take advantage of the benefits of resume writing services!

Meet the Resume Coaches of Ignite. 

Keven Palmissano, SPHR, SHRM-SCP 

Keven Palmissano has over 20 years of progressive experience in both Human Resources and resume consulting. He has worked with hundreds of motivated clients in dozens of industries within 21 different states. 

Book a complimentary session with Keven.  

Silvana Gargione 

With a background in content marketing and non-fiction writing, Silvana knows how to catch the eye of hiring managers for all the right reasons. Her eye for empathy, ear for humor, and voice for persuasion breathes humanity into each experience or milestone, resulting in a dynamic and approachable document her clients are proud to share. 

Book a complimentary session with Silvana. 

Leslie Ayres 

Leslie is The Job Search Guru and works with professionals and executives who know they need a modern resume that tells a clear story, LinkedIn branding that gets noticed, and job search strategies to navigate the modern job search market with confidence. She offers expert resume writing for all levels including executive, C-suite, and technical resumes.

Book a complimentary session with Leslie 

If you’re hoping to land the job of your dreams in 2022, you should seriously consider hiring a professional to help you through the hiring process. Remember, we are here to help!