Happiness Exists in Giving the World What You Want the Most

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Happiness Exists in Giving the World What You Want the Most

I consider a presentation of value when at some point I become moved. It’s that emotional reaction when the topic works it’s way into my heart and suddenly everything is different. Sometimes I am teary, but more than that, I feel expanded and inspired to pass that feeling on.


Eve Ensler gives many things within this video. I loved the image she shared of being in Afghanistan and seeing women who have found a way to keep pleasure alive. Most of all I resonate with the idea that when we give to the world what we want the most we heal the broken part inside each of us. “Happiness exists in action, it exists in telling the truth and saying what your truth is, and it exists in giving the world what you want the most.”

What do you want the most? Healing. Love. Integrity. Discovery of undeveloped potential. Innocence. Time for being silly. Random acts of kindness. Passion. To be seen. To be heard. Nourishment. Health. Abundance. To enjoy what is simple and slow. Honor. Respect. How will you give it? Begin now.