Is It Time You Expanded? Find Out With this Dream-Like Exercise.

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Is It Time You Expanded? Find Out With this Dream-Like Exercise.

There are times when our conscious mind, our ego mind, can get in our way…bringing up resistance. Sometimes, this part of us defends against change in the status quo. In other words, this part can be invested in staying the same…not necessarily growing or thriving. A life coach or career coach can help you go around this, to get to what your deeper Self (some people call it “higher self“) really wants.

One way is to get into a more numinous state. Jung defined numinous as a heightened psychological state or as he would say “archetypal.” No need to get too complicated, it’s like the place we’re in when dreaming at night, where our psyche is more forefront and our critical, ego-mind is in the background, relaxing and not worrying too much about the details or logic of what’s going on. This post is a brief exercise I’ve created to bring about this deeper awareness. I invite you to relax, take a few deep breaths, tell your thinking mind it can take a little break, and allow yourself, if you choose, to float through your imagination. Here we go…

One night as you sleep, you have a dream. You are in your house having a small party with some old and new friends. Your house looks okay, but a bit unfinished. Unorganized stuff piled in a few places. Certain walls have no art or decoration. There’s a closet without a door. Some bare windows without curtains. Fine, acceptable, livable, approachable, but let’s just say, not a complete image of the abundant and nurtured (and nurturing) home. Then a woman, comfortable in her own skin, looking fit and wearing fine clothes, whom you haven’t met before, asks you if she may have a cup of tea. You bring her into your kitchen, preparing the tea, while you chat. You begin to realize that you feel connected to her, kindred spirits maybe; so you decide to show her around the rest of your home, the part that you don’t show to just anyone.

You walk from your kitchen into a corridor. From there you both glide into a part of the house, that you are at first, not aware was there… but it’s there you find yourself in a large mansion. Your large mansion. It’s as if “the dream you,” the person playing you in the dream, knows this place, but the “observer you,” the person watching the dream happen, is a little surprised. The dream goes on. You show your guest through many different, beautiful rooms. From the window you see a pool, later you show her an indoor pool and all sorts of other impressive rooms and spaces. The colors, the décor, everything is harmony. The house is vibrant, elegant, and expresses a sense of actualization.

As you awaken from your dream and find yourself reclined there in bed, nestled in your soft sheets, it occurs to you that you know that place, you’ve been there before in your dreams. Something deep inside you is resonating. You lay there thinking of the symbolic implications. Often in dreams, a house is a symbol of your whole self or your whole mind (conscious and unconscious.) In the dream, it seemed you were “living” in the more rundown or make-due part of the house and had almost forgotten that you had access to this whole other cultivated, nourished and developed residence. Sit with this image for a moment.

If a question moves you go with it…if it does not…let it fall to the wayside.
Are there areas of your life where you’re coasting, when you could access a whole other level of realization? Are there mad skills you have that are going unused? Are you blaming someone else or some other circumstances when it is actually you holding yourself back? What are some ways you can allow yourself to expand into your true self? When you were imaging the dream, what did it conjure for you?