4 Ways Executive Coaching Can Take You to the Top

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4 Ways Executive Coaching Can Take You to the Top

Executive coaching goes beyond making you a great executive. Executive coaching- whether you are an executive or are aspiring to be- can help you achieve your goals from the inside-out. Coaches prompt you to look inward and discover your true character, explore your daily habits, brainstorm small milestones, and overall inspire and motivate you to become an executive to the core, instead of just achieving a title.

Dr. Colleen Campbell

Ignite Your Potential put together these four impactful ways executive coaching can help take you to the top- not only in achieving your outward goals as an executive, but to help you meet your existential goals as well.

1- They Help You Observe Yourself in New Ways.

Executive coaches start by gathering information that reveals how you see yourself and how others see you. The predominant reason is due to the fact that, according to Forbes, “research shows, that most of us don’t see ourselves very clearly and this matters. Accurate self-awareness in leaders is highly correlated with organizational effectiveness and profitability, and employees prefer to follow leaders who see themselves clearly (and are willing to share their perceptions).”

An executive coach will give you outside perspective about how other’s most likely perceive you, what they tend to believe are your strengths and weaknesses, and their insights about you as a person. They are trained professionals, who are just meeting you with fresh eyes. Executive coaches dutifully analyze you and give honest feedback for the sole purpose of your growth. This gives you an exceptional opportunity to gain perspective and fill in the gaps regarding how others see you and how you see yourself.

2- They Understand People in General

Executive coaches are born with and then trained to hone a natural talent and skill for understanding and relating to people. At the Ignite Your Potential Center all of our coaches are psychologically minded people with advanced degrees and certifications. They are trustworthy and insightful and have an intuitive nature about them that puts people at ease and allows one to open up easily. Years of evaluating, understanding, and learning from clients make our executive coaches able to give you the information you need to make the essential changes to get you where you want to go. Whatever you need to master, a tolerance for ambiguity, learn how to assemble a great team, or increase your EQ, an intuitive, highly-trained, executive coach is an essential part of your executive toolbox.

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3- They Help You Make the Most of Your Top Strengths

Our Executive coaches are trained to assess your natural talents; they help you do an inventory on the strengths you use every day. It’s common to not have articulated all of your strengths because they come so easy. You may take them for granted, or instead, you may focus on your weaknesses. The executive coaching process will help you recognize and articulate your strengths and unique abilities. For example, you may have a natural skill for winning others over and work in sales, but have you considered the complex set of skills you are using to work successfully with your customers? By understanding why you are good at what you do well, you can then use this information to leverage powerful strategies that up your game.

4- Executive Coaches Can Get You There

Helping you achieve your most important goals and get to the peak of your career is the gold standard for Ignite Your Potential executive coaching. Our job is to encourage and inspire you in order to help you create the new habits and executive skills that align with what you want to achieve. Our coaches are there for you from beginning to end. They help clarify your goals, take inventory of what is already working, collaborate on a plan of action, walk beside you as a project manager, and become your number one support system in achieving these epic life-defining dreams.

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Erika Anderson, in her piece for Forbes, reminds those looking for an executive coach that “if you’re not willing to go through the often-daunting process of acknowledging that you need to grow, and actually doing what it takes to grow, you won’t benefit from having a coach. No matter how old you are or where you are in your career, if you want to get the most from having a coach, you have to be willing to be a novice in some areas.”

It’s a considerable step to invest in yourself and your career. Being courageous and signing up for a complimentary call will help you find the right executive coach for you. Open to a powerful opportunity to unlock your potential and help you be who you were meant to be.