Landing a Remote Job – Here are the 5 Best Tips

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landing a remote job

Landing a Remote Job – Here are the 5 Best Tips

Landing a remote job did not always seem possible. The present-day world of work has created new opportunities for career growth. No longer limited by geography, you can accept that dream offer without having to pack up the family and move to a new city. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, and, where we work from. Companies that once required employees to sit behind desks at an office are now open to hiring qualified candidates who reside across the Country.

In today’s article, we outline five must-follow tips for landing the perfect remote job.

Tip #1: Know What You Want

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Before you begin your search for a WFH opportunity, make some key decisions:

1. What Type of Remote Job Do I Want?

“Remote Work” or “Work From Home” can mean many things. There’s no one-size-fits-all definition. With this in mind, consider some of the more common options available.

  • Full-time salary employee at one company
  • Contract basis for a set period of time
  • Freelance for multiple companies

2. What Company Culture Would Be the Best Fit?

Company culture is an important consideration when accepting any job offer, especially remote ones! Do your research, ask the right questions, and be mindful of the best culture fit for you.

3. How Much Do I Want to Work?

Remote work doesn’t have to be the traditional 9-5 gig. Distributed workforces allow for flexibility when it comes to the hours you work. Do you want to work full-time, part-time, or are looking for over 40 hours per week? The answer to these questions will help narrow down your remote job search.

Tip #2: Update Your Resume

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If you’re looking for a remote job, you’ll need to update your resume. Employers will be looking for a special set of skills when it comes to hiring for a remote role. It’s imperative your resume shows you’ll be a good fit for a non-traditional position.

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Tip #3: Know The Right Places to Look

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There’s no shortage of resources when it comes to researching job openings. Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, websites, job boards, newsletters, and much more are available at the click of a finger.

To get you started, we’ve pulled together a list of resources for finding, and applying for, remote jobs.

1. Facebook Groups

2. Twitter Accounts

3. Websites

4. Job Boards

5. Freelance Sites

6. Newsletters

Tip 4: Hone Your Remote Job Interview Skills

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How you present yourself during your virtual interview will say a lot about how you will perform as a remote employee, contractor, or freelancer. Need some tips? Check out this article on how to prepare for a virtual job interview.

Tip 5: Have The Right Technology

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If you’re hoping to land a remote gig, you’ll need the right technology. A reliable computer or laptop is essential. Access to secure wifi and a good set of headphones are also must-haves. When relying on subpar technology, you run the risk of losing your dream job because your laptop crashed during your final interview. 

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