Destress From Work – Try Surfing!

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Destress From Work – Try Surfing!

Career advancement is difficult and stressful work. Countless experts we’ve covered in the past emphasize the importance of fun in living a successful and balanced life. It is necessary to destress from work!

In today’s post, we examine an insight Forbes article by Laura Begley Bloom, Senior Contributor at Forbes Women entitled “How Surfing Can Transform Your Career (And Your Life)”.  

Ms. Begley showcases Unleash Surf, a self-described digital nomad travel company for entrepreneurs who surf. Partners Amy Schwartz and John Furness got the idea while working and surfing in Peru.  

Unleash Surf helps remote workers travel the world, catering to surfers with barefoot living in off-the-beaten-path locations, a variety of waves, private apartments, and reliable internet 24-7. The best part about Unleash Surf is how it gives remote workers the chance to destress from work. 

The founders utilized their knowledge and abilities including setting up no-fail internet, figuring out swell forecasts, and dealing with all things technology. With their combined skills, they launched Unleash Surf.

Ms. Schwartz shared how surfing contributed to her career success. She said:  

“I would say that surfing has contributed to my ability to succeed in life more than anything else! My passion for surfing has helped me keep a grounded perspective on what is most important to me. I have always had lofty career goals; however, having the time to surf and live oceanside is paramount in any decision I make. It gives me a work-life balance imperative, without which I wouldn’t be as mentally or physically healthy as I am.” 

“One of the best things about surfing is that it’s an incredibly efficient way to destress from a tough day at work. When you connect with nature and singularly focus your mind on riding down the line, all while getting intense physical exercise, you can’t help but decompress and be refreshed.” 

“Any surfer knows what it is to work incredibly hard. Surfing requires astounding determination to learn and get good at it. This tenacity translates to other facets of life, like starting a company or keeping on top of a fast-paced job, which is why I think surfers make the best entrepreneurs and executives.” 

Ms. Shwartz also shared her tips for starting and running a remote work travel business as well to help destress: 

  1. Ask yourself the tough questions. 
  1. Don’t over-travel if you’re trying to work remotely. 
  1. Be smart and plan carefully. 
  1. Always ensure that your brand looks good. 
  1. Make sure to get personal. 
  1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. 
  1. Always bring back-up. 
  1. Manage risk 
  1. Start with your core offering and perfect it. 

To conclude, destressing from work is a must! if you’re looking for someone to partner with building your career, work one-on-one with an Ignite Your Potential career coach.