Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

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Some Questions To Ask in a job Interview

Questions to Ask in a Job Interview

You’ve decided now’s the time to go after your dream job. After weeks of searching for the perfect opportunity, you’ve landed an interview. Now it’s time to prepare to answer questions about yourself, your skills, and why you’re the ideal candidate for the role. But are you prepared with questions to ask your interviewer in a job interview?  

There are many important reasons to ask questions during a job interview. Whenever applying for a role at a new company, it’s essential to be informed about the organization you may soon be working for. And, asking the right questions shows that you too want to vet them and make sure this is a fit on both sides. It demonstrates that you are an engaging team member. And, finally, it comes across as confidence.

Here are twenty-five questions to ask during your next job interview. 

Questions About The Role  

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Before accepting a job offer, know what you’re signing up for. Titles can be deceiving and job descriptions are often frustratingly vague. When you ask questions about the role, you not only show the interviewer that you’re enthusiastic, you gain a better understanding of the role you’re applying for.  

1. What does a day in the life of a person in this role look like? 

2. What are some challenges the person who fills this role might face in the first thirty days? 

3. What happened to the person who held this role previously? 

4. What problems were you hoping to solve by creating this position?  

Question About Onboarding & Training 

Types of Questions to Ask

According to a survey conducted by Careerbuilder and Silkroad Technology, nearly one in ten employees have left a company because of a poor onboarding experience. 

Ask these questions about onboarding and training to ensure you have the necessary tools for success. 

5. What does your training or onboarding program look like? 

6. What do you see as my goal for the first week? Month? Quarter?   

7. Does this company offer continued training or education? 

8. Do you offer job shadowing, pairing, or opportunities with a mentor?  

Questions about Expectations 

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You should clearly know the expectations of a role before accepting any offer. Make sure what they expect is reasonable and that you have the necessary skills to make it happen.  

The answers to these four questions will give you insight into what will be expected of you should you get and accept the job. 

9. What milestones would you like to see someone accomplish in the first few months? 

10. What challenges have past employees faced in this role? 

11. What does success look like to you in this position? 

12. What metrics or goals will my performance be evaluated against? 

Questions About The Team 

Job Interview Questions

No one can do everything on their own. Teams are critical in every organization. The members of your team will help you succeed or, unfortunately, hold you back.  

Ask these six questions to get a better sense of what working on this new team would be like.  

13. When describing the team this role will work with, what would you say their most important qualities are?  

14. What skillsets are you looking to fill by adding this role? 

15. What is the current focus of the team’s efforts? 

16. Who does this role report to and what type of leader are they? 

17. How many people are on the team? 

18. ​​When and how do team members give feedback? 

Questions About Growth  

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If professional growth is important to you, it is imperative to know what growth opportunities are available at the company.   

Ask these four questions to glean insight into what your professional development can look like.  

19. Are there performance reviews? How often do they occur and how are they conducted?  

20. Does the company promote from within? 

21. Where have other employees in this position pivoted to after this role? 

22. How do leaders set employees up for success? 

Questions About Company Culture 

Questions to Ask

Do you want to have fun at work? Are you looking for a better work-life balance?  

Ask these three questions to gauge what working in the company would be like.  

23. What are the company’s core values? 

24. How would you describe the culture? Can you give me some examples?

25. Do you offer a mentorship program? 

Final Thoughts 

Have an upcoming interview? Hire a coach who can help you prepare for every step of the hiring process. From advice on how NOT to kill your chance of getting an interview to one-on-one preparation for your virtual interview, and even guidance on how to negotiate your salary, having a career coach puts you at an advantage.