Why Do You Need a Career Coach?

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Why Do You Need a Career Coach?

Here at Ignite Your Potential, we understand some peoples’ hesitation in using a career coach. But do you know what makes career coaching so valuable? Read on to learn 3 things that anybody can gain from spending some time working with a skillful coach.

1.You Get Personalized Advice

There is plenty of career advice out there on the web. But while there is a myriad of general advice on how to develop your personal brand, you’d be hard-pressed to find an article on, “How to Succinctly Explain Your Diverse Writing and Communication Skills While Also Sharing Your Accomplishments and Mentioning Your Love of Sports” (or whatever your situation may be). General career advice will only get you so far. With career coaches, you have someone listening to your situation and giving you expert opinions on how to handle it.

2. Allotted Time to Make Progress

One of our clients’ favorite aspect of our coaching sessions is that it forces them to put everything else aside and spend time defining and vocalizing their challenges. Having set sessions gives you the accountability needed to sit down and actually make progress. It’s your own personal project manager whose main project is the achievement of your goals.

3. You Get to Experiment and Improve

Working with an Ignite Your Potential career coach is a refined, low-stress way to experiment with different ideas for your future. The time spent with a career coach allows you to get an outside perspective on new ideas, without any actual repercussions. That means you have more space to experiment, and then get real-time feedback and strategies from your coach on how to improve.

Consider giving career coaching a try, we have a hunch you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And remember, all of the award-winning coaches at Ignite Your Potential Centers off a complimentary 25-minute phone session to help you meet your life goals and career goals. We are the #1 career coaches in San Francisco and Los Angeles, let us show you how we earned that praise.