Evening Routine for a Positive and Productive Day

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Evening Routine for a Positive and Productive Day

Is your evening routine ineffective? Searching for ways to make tomorrow a more positive and productive day? Follow this simple five-step evening routine and tomorrow will undoubtedly be a better day than today!

1.   Prep for Tomorrow

Preparedness is a critical step for productivity. Being prepared allows you to focus, keep efficient and feel in control of day.

If you want to supercharge your productivity, prepare for tomorrow before you hit the pillow.

Here are a few tips to help you better prepare for your workday:

  1. Write out your to-do’s for the following day.
  2. Declutter your workspace when you’ve finished your workday.
  3. Prepare tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch and snacks.
  4. Pick out your outfit the night before.
  5. Review your upcoming schedule and calendar.
  6. Queue up tomorrow’s productivity playlist.

2.   Eat a Healthy Dinner

To get the most out of your day, you must feed your brain. Countless studies have shown that certain foods can significantly increase recall, improve moods, and boost productivity. Be mindful that what you eat today can have a significant impact on how you perform tomorrow.

3.   Unwind

You’ve been running around all day. Working, taking care of the kids, spending quality time with loved ones, etc… If you want to feel your best tomorrow, you’ll need to let your mind and body recharge. We aren’t machines that can be turned on and off. That means we need to schedule time in our days to unwind and relax.

4.   Put Down The Phone

Did you know that the blue light emitted by your phone’s screen restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle. Here are a few tricks to try:

  1. Put your phone out of reach
  2. Use night mode if you absolutely cannot go without your phone
  3. Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb” before you go to bed

5.   Get Enough Shut-Eye

Another tip supported by studies: getting enough shut-eye. Sleep is a critical component of a productive day. Not sure how much sleep you should be getting? Most people need somewhere between six and eight hours. Pay attention to the relationship between how much sleep you get and how alert and productive you feel the following day. This will help you narrow down exactly how much zzz’s you need for optimal productivity.

Looking for more productivity routines? Try this morning routine and let us know what you were able to get done after following our tips.

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