Job Search During Holidays: 7 Quick Tips

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job search during holidays

Job Search During Holidays: 7 Quick Tips

Are you on the hunt for a new job or career? Job search during the holidays can be a challenge. Follow our seven quick tips for finding a new job or career during the holiday months to increase your chances of finding the career of your dreams.   

1.) Get organized 

job search during holidays get organized

To begin with, being organized is paramount to a successful job search. And, this is especially true during the holiday season.

As you get organized, focus on creating processes that will help you keep track of: 
  1. Where you’ve applied 
  1. Where you want to apply 
  1. What roles you applied for 
  1. Job descriptions 
  1. Correspondences  
  1. Resume(s) 
  1. References 

2.) Set goals 

job search during holidays  set goals

Clear goals help you navigate through the twists and turns of job hunting. By setting goals you will be able to ward off distractions and keep focused on what’s important, finding and getting the job you’ve always wanted. 

Here are a few goal templates to get you started: 
  1. Amount of opportunities identified by date 
  1. Number of applications submitted by date 
  1. Amount of interviews booked by date 
  1. Connect with number of contacts letting them know I am looking for opportunities 

3.) Follow a schedule 

job search during holidays  schedule

Most certainly, stick to a schedule to create accountability and keep you focused. Want to apply for fifteen job openings a week? Build a schedule to help you achieve that goal. Set aside time for job searching, reviewing job descriptions, researching companies, preparing cover letters, etc. If there’s not enough time in the day you might have to adjust your goals or work to find more time in your day.  

Following a schedule allows you to: 
  1. Improve time management skills 
  1. Prioritize tasks 
  1. Fight against procrastination 
  1. Maintain balance  
  1. Increases efficiency 
  1. Feel more in control 

4.) Reach out to your network 

job search during holidays  reach your network

Everyone has a network. Friends, family, classmates, mentors, colleagues, teachers, and social connections are powerful relationships when it comes to career development. Make a list of people you reach out to. Really put thought into your list and try thinking outside the box. 

Need help getting your list started? Here are just a few places you can look for people to reach out to: 
  1. Contact lists (phone and email) 
  1. LinkedIn connections 
  1. Family members 
  1. Friends 

When reaching out to your network, be clear and concise with your message. Let them know why you are reaching out and how they can help.  

Be thoughtful about your message considering who it is going to. As a result, different contacts can help you in different ways including: 
  1. Making introductions 
  1. Proofreading cover letters and resumes 
  1. Acting as a sound board 
  1. Providing feedback 

5.) Be patient 

job search during holidays  be patient

Job search during the holidays can be extremely challenging. People are distracted, busy, and oftentimes OOO. They take longer than usual to return an email or phone call and finding time on calendars can feel next to impossible. Be patient and understanding. And, don’t hesitate to reach out if you haven’t heard back in a while. But, do give extra time over the holidays months. 

Looking for something productive to do while you wait? Read up on the latest best practices, tips, and hacks for job searchers. 

6.) Take a Course 

job search during holidays  take a course

Gaining a new skill can help you stand out from the crowd of applicants vying for your dream job. If you lack a skill that could tip the scales in your favor, make time to master it.  

Here are just a sample of resources for learning new skills: 
  1. Skillshare 
  1. MasterClass  
  1. Pluralsight  
  1. LinkedIn Learning 
  1. Coursera 
  1. Udacity 
  1. Khan Academy 
  1. Codecademy 
  1. edX 

7.) Hire a coach 

job search during holidays hire a coach

Finally, a good career coach can get you focused, give you pointers, and help keep you motivated through the job search process. Hiring a career coach gives you an advantage throughout the search process. Coaches can act as a guide and provide you unbiased feedback.  

Six important ways career coaches can help give you an edge
  1. Manage stress  and help you list out what you need from a job to thrive.
  1. Prepare for a virtual job interview 
  1. Abandon outdated job search rules 
  1. Avoid making critical mistakes 
  1. Negotiate your salary  
  1. Help you find balance 

Don’t let a job search during the holidays stop you from pursuing a career! The coaches at Ignite Your Potential are here to help. Reach out and take advantage of our complimentary 25-minute phone sessions.