How to Find Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job is hard. Understatement of the year, we know.

Not only are dream jobs hard to find, but you might not even know what your dream job is yet. Maybe you’re fresh out of school, just made a career change, or are simply unsure. Regardless, nothing about this process is easy, and you aren’t alone. Everyone is going through the same thing, and everyone needs help with it. If you’re everyone, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you find your dream job. Whether you’re almost there or have some work to do, these tools will help you on your career path, and establish your goals.

Define Your Dream Job or Career Goals

Man in Time's Square walking to his dream job.

Sometimes, those looking for career coaching are executives, entrepreneurs, and other mid-to-high level professionals who aren’t necessarily starting from scratch, but are looking for coaching to help them along in their career. Even if you’re at the height of your dream job, knowing your next steps, improving your process, continuing the upward trajectory to becoming the best you can be in your career is part of every working professional’s core strategy, regardless of what phase in their career they’re at.

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Top 3 Reasons Why YOU Need a Coach


Having a Coach has become a common practice for the goal-oriented business professional. Just like a professional athlete has a coach to reach their highest potential, in today’s world a coach can help you achieve your most coveted life and career goals. Here are the top reasons you need a coach now:

  1. You Want the Edge “Knowing Yourself” Will Give You – One of Aristotle’s famous quotes is: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Our coaches at Ignite Your Potential will help inventory your talents and strengths. You can then build a strategic action plan that leverages the best of yourself to meet your most challenging goals. Without this understanding, you could be running in circles on a path to nowhere.
  2. Help with Your Career Pivot – Changing careers to a path that best fits YOU is on the rise. According to an NBC News article, more than 35% of business professionals have made pivots into different careers. When making this type of move, the first questions are: “What do I really want to do?” and “How will I know what fits me best?” Having an Ignite Your Potential coach will help guide you based on innovative assessments and the unique “Finding Fit” process we use at our centers to help clients move all the way through to complete the pivot into a new right fit role.
  3. Building Winning Self-Narratives – Having an Ignite Your Potential coach means reframing the stories you tell… about yourself. Suddenly, you see your offerings in a new light. You understand all the ways your strengths and talents can be used to meet your goals. The process builds you up, you feel stronger, happier, and ready to keep becoming who you’re meant to be.

If you’re at all looking to build upon the above within yourself, a coach can help. Contact one of our amazing coaches today.